Working together to protect our future


To reduce work related stress associated with a heavy work load and constrained opportunities for respite for our remote members it all comes down to numbers.

To attract members to remote locations some unpopular decisions were needed and have been made.

Strategies have been adopted and now appear to be returning dividends. Where once remote vacancies would attract very few or - in some localities - no applications, now for Southern Remote all vacancies are attracting applicants.

Remote numbers are certainly on the improve.

As more remote housing is sourced for the implimentation of a minimum of three members the numbers are looking very good.

It appears like we are on the cusp of a better outcome, not only for our members, but a more robust sevice delivery for our remote communities.

Credit where credit is due, a good initiative by the NT Police Executive.


Welcome aboard to our full time Legal Officer, Amanda Nobbs-Carcuro, a terrific addition to the Association.

Amanda is an admitted legal practitioner to the Supreme Court and she comes to the Association with a library of knowledge and a wealth of experience as a legal practitioner in the Northern Territory.

There is an abundance of inherent risks associated with being a police officers, we cannot anticipate each and every one but a simple WH&S Policy we can all abide by is called common sense.

If you do not have common sense do not enter the workplace. If you do enter you must use your common sense wherever and whenever it is necessary to do so.

Remember if you need assistance if any kind in relation to your rights in the workplace, including internal discipline matters, please contact me anytime in the first instance or speak with Amanda in the office on 0889959520.


I continue to undertake several remote visits including a recent one to Tennant Creek with our new Communications Officer, Greg Roberts. Also in attendance was President Paul McCue.

A terrific turnout to a local NTPA meeting provided important updates to members on current matters including resourcing, the upcoming Consent Agreement negotiations due to commence in early 2022, allowances and the local delegate framework.

While in Tennant Creek NTPA representatives met with local business owners and government officials to assist in understanding the local issues our members continue to face in the general Barky region. A reminder for any remote member in Southern Command to drop me a line if you need any assistance.