Working together to protect our future

Congratulations Chris Kilian and Bindi Burnell on being awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM) in this years Australia Day honors list.

It is long overdue that long serving members on the front line get recognised for what they do day after day to help and support others. For the many years of dedication and professionalism to the job, you are both worthy recipients of this amazing honor.

As the last remaining members of their squad, on Tuesday 2nd February to celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Chris Kilian and Ian Davey sat down and treated themselves to a few quiet beers and shared a meal with their better halves.

Apart from lots of reminiscing and tall tales, they both sat staring down what was probably an undrinkable, Squad 38 commemorative bottle of port. At the end of the night the unopen bottle was safely returned to the china cabinet. Doing the hard yards shoulder to shoulder with the troops is a grand achievement. With eighty years of combined experience, any junior member would be lucky beyond words to have either of you as their mentor. Congratulations!

2020 was certainly not your average year, I have nothing but the deepest respect in how the membership stood up and responded. Even under extreme pressure you all somehow managed to remain calm and effective and get on with the job that needed to be done.

As the sole full-time employee of our Association here in Alice Springs and surrounds, I continue to encourage you to give me a call or drop me an email about any concerns you may have. The decision over two years ago to place full time Association representation in Southern Command was done so on the basis of recognising the very unique and challenging environment our members are working in down here.

I am honoured to continue to represent you both in Alice Springs and surrounding remote communities and currently there are a raft of matters being tabled by the Police Association to senior police management to which I continue to lobby for on a regular basis.

Here in Southern and the Barkly the NTPA has a very robust representation. Consisting of six NTPA Executive members, two of which are Office Bearers, and nine Regional Delegates. Certainly, there is no shortage of those who are available and willing to stand up and support the membership. It is times like this that we see the value of being a member of the NTPA. From a PFES perspective we also have Welfare and Support Officer, Brodie Anderson and Work Health and Safety Officer Steve Haig. Both of whom are driven and dedicated to fervently advocate whenever our members' welfare is needed.

With the ramping up of recruitment the requirement to source more housing in Alice Springs and across the Territory is a given. I, along with other NTPA representatives have been flat out inspecting and sourcing suitable accommodation. In this difficult rental market, this has proved challenging, however we will continue to support the best possible available housing in line with the appropriate guidelines.