Working together to protect our future


You could be forgiven for feeling like there is nothing else in the world but Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the moment, and our members have been impacted heavily as a result of the response required to keep the Territory safe.

2020 will be a year we all never forget, and it is increasingly apparent the old normal will not be in play for some time to come. So, what does this all mean for policing?

Essentially, it doesnt stop. Day-to-day policing has not ceased through the whole pandemic, and in fact, the additional responsibilities for our members have seen many sacrifice time off they so desperately needed, and serve in locations away from their families for weeks on end.

It serves as just another reminder about who the government call on in times of crisis, and why our police are the frontline of community safety for all Territorians. They put their lives on the line every day.

In late April, we were dealt an all too real reminder of just what sacrifices our officers face in the community, when four of our colleagues from Victoria were tragically killed on a freeway near Melbourne. This single largest loss of life in Victorian Police history was felt far and wide, and we acknowledge the many ex- Victorian officers who now proudly serve in our ranks here in the Territory. Our thoughts remain with the officers families, friends and colleagues, during this difficult time.

I also extend my deepest sympathies to Peter Shanahan who many of us know through his regular visits as chairperson for Police Health. Just days after the Victorian Police tragedy, Detective Chief Superintendent Joanne Shanahan APM, Peters wife and one of South Australias most senior female police officers, was killed when the vehicle she was travelling in was hit at a major intersection in Adelaide by a speeding driver. Peter was with Joanne at the time of the accident, and our thoughts remain with him and his family.

To honour our fallen colleagues, several buildings were lit in blue over the May long weekend, including our own office building, The Avenue, here at Parap. Thank you to those who organised this touching tribute.

Rest in Peace

We will remember


As we slowly transition out of strict restrictions, the Northern Territory Government has announced it is pushing ahead with the election in late August.

Our pre- election survey conducted just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak provided some very clear direction for submissions leading up to the election. Results of that survey will be released shortly as we get closer to polling day, but important topics such as recruiting, legislative changes for assaults on police and remote staffing and infrastructure are key priorities.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, our Annual General Meeting will proceed on Friday 14 August 2020. While scaled back considerably, the date is an important platform to review the last year, look ahead to 2021, and provide an opportunity for the Minister, the Opposition Leader and the Commissioner to address delegates just a week out from the election.

Finally, I just want to thank our staff, Executive members and delegates who have been confronted with questions during the COVID-19 response which we simply did not have the answers for. Ongoing meetings with senior police executive enabled answers to be provided as quickly as possible. The resilience of the members during this time is something to be proud of. Your response to the need to deploy all over the Territory, and work in makeshift conditions is a testament to the quality of the people we have working here, and the NTPA is proud to represent each and every one of you.

As always, we hope you and your families stay safe.