Working together to protect our future

As we come to the closure of yet another year, I wish to thank all our members for their continued professionalism in what has been another year of constant change, driven in large by budget constraints.


I, along with most of the membership, were completely shocked when Constable Zach Rolfe was charged with murder following the critical incident in Yuendumu.

From the moment we were aware of the incident, our primary focus has been with Zach and all members involved. There remains a lot of questions, and anger, amongst the membership following the charge being laid, and our representatives continue to be available to anyone who has questions or needs a visit to their section.

The offers of support and assistance from not just the membership, but retired members, and the community generally speaks volumes of the support for Zach during this difficult time.

I wish to assure you, the NTPA is providing ongoing legal assistance, and welfare support to Zach, his family and all members involved, and we will continue to do so for as long as it takes. We are committed to stand with Zach as he vigorously defends this charge in order to clear his name.



With the sudden departure of former Commissioner Reece Kershaw APM, we thank the government for moving quickly to appoint a permanent replacement by the end of October.

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) welcomed the appointment last month of Jamie Chalker APM, as our new Police Commissioner. Commissioner Chalker has come through the ranks from recruit training in 1994, to now hold the highest-ranking position in the police force.

Importantly from an NTPA perspective, he has served in remote areas of the Northern Territory (NT) both in Central Australia and the Top End, something we see as imperative in the decision-making process which affects our members. The NTPA look forward to working with the new Commissioner and his Senior Executive team in a collaborative and consultative manner.

The NTPA also acknowledge the work undertaken by Deputy Commissioner Michael Murphy APM while undertaking the Acting Commissioner role. Progress was made on some important matters during this time and we thank him for his open dialog on many of these key issues.


As we move into 2020 with a new Commissioner, we also head into another NT Government election year.

Crime and community safety are always high on the agenda and goes hand in hand with policing issues across the Territory.

The NTPA are currently working on a pre-election document which will be finalised and sent to all candidates in early 2020, requesting their stance on issues we see as critical to members, such as remote policing, safety, support, wellbeing and resourcing, to touch on just a few.

With the election date set for 22 August 2020, next years Annual Conference will be held on 13 & 14 August 2020, allowing candidates to address delegates just one week prior to going to the polls.


With the festive season upon us, we once again thank and acknowledge all our members across the Territory who sacrifice so much to keep us safe during the Christmas and New Year period.

While others are spending this time with their families, many of you are on the beat serving and protecting the community, as sacrifice which we are all very grateful for.

Thank you also to the hard-working staff of the NTPA for another big year working for the membership. I, along with several of our staff, will be on deck over the Christmas and New Year period so please do not hesitate to call in the event you need assistance.

Merry Christmas and a safe new year to all our members and their families.