Working together to protect our future


COVID policing requirements aside, the expectations of being a police officer have grown to a point where for many officers, it can become too much. But why?

One of the primary culprits - a lack of time away from the rigours of policing. The ability for our members to take essential days off has been under threat due to an everincreasing demand to work overtime just to put a van on the road or make up the numbers.

It may be the Constable, the Auxiliary, the Aboriginal Community Police Officer, or the Shift Sergeant who is left to pick up the pieces of a roster which simply does not have enough names in the left-hand column.

Often, the Shift Sergeant, whose job should be to monitor and mentor young officers, is left to jump in a van themselves to make up a crew. This is simply not sustainable and does not allow the important oversight needed in the early stages of an officers career.

I want to make the point that overtime is nothing new, it has always been a requirement in the 24/7 policing environment. You cannot predict when members will call in unwell for their shift, creating a gap which needs to be filled.

But a roster dependent on overtime before any members book off sick provides evidence there is simply not enough numbers, a frustrating predicament at a time when government say we have more police than ever before.

Members should keep an eye out for an upcoming survey in relation to this important issue, together with a broad range of important policing matters affecting your role today.


Budget 2021 came and went with little fanfare. A glaring budget deficit leaves us all no more certain of what the future holds, despite the demands of policing ever increasing.

The welcome announcement of ongoing funding for the additional resources recruited for COVID-19 will go some way to assisting, however expenditure for ongoing remote infrastructure replacements or upgrades is less convincing.

Members are encouraged if you are working in a remote location, and have ongoing maintenance issues, to ensure you are raising these formally through your chain of command in the first instance and seek our assistance if necessary, at

Stay safe,
Paul McCue