Working together to protect our future


My role has been of course working with the housing team to come up with the best possible solutions within different communities.

Work in this space is ongoing with several houses already being secured, therefore
enabling an increase in the membership at these locations. Lajamanu was the first location to have a property, all be it members choice, which allowed the increase from 2 to 3. Pine Creek and Adelaide River followed suit with an increase to 3. A win was also had at Borroloola with an extra property taken on down there. Mataranka was another location to score a win with new housing there allowing it to be a 4-member station.

On a recent trip to Gunbalunya, inspecting the progress on a 2-bedroom home that the council will lease to the department, Gunbalunya OIC Trevor Bates found another home in the community which we were able to inspect immediately. I am pleased to say that both this property and the council property are acceptable and Gunbalunya will now go from 2 to 4 homes.

Unfortunately work on several properties in the Tiwis has not been as fast as Gunbalunya with houses still being brought up to standard in both Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti. During my last visit to Melville another home was located at Pirlangimpi and will hopefully be brought into the portfolio which will see Pirlangimpi remain at capacity while works are undertaken to the old Police houses at the location. The photo right is the view where you could stand and have a morning coffee only 25 meters from the house. I could see that being a tough way to start a day.

While there is still work going on in this space in places like Kalkarindji and Numbulwar, it would appear by following the gazette that the positions are being filed quickly, without having to go through the gazette multiple times. I am sure this will remain the same as the new places come up and are advertised. As the
renovations on the properties in question progresses, I am sure that these vacancies will soon be advertised. There are some nice locations for those wishing to go bush for their remote experience or return to bush again.

Over the last few weeks, it has been pleasing to see the regions getting meetings organised with many different items being listed for discussions on the agenda. The photo above shows those that attended the ACPO Regional meeting on the Wednesday 19 May.

These NTPA region meetings are essential for our members to be able to have items discussed, voted on, endorsed then added to the agenda of the Annual Conference. You will see over the next few months that the NTPA office will be sending reminders out that regions will need to have meetings and get from their members anything that members want discussed.

For those that have not participated before, or have not in a while, what is required to drive change in your workplace through the NTPA are motions passed at regional level. Any motion passed at regional level can allow the NTPA Executive to act immediately or can be placed on agenda for the annual conference where your elected members, then vote, to have action taken.

Over June, July and into early August I would encourage all regions to meet and have discussions on what they would like to see on the agenda for Annual Conference 2021, some of our regions have already started this process.

This MUST be done with any motions passed submitted to the NTPA office by COB (4.00pm) Friday August 13, 2021, in the form of the minutes of the meeting. I have listed below the current delegates for the various regions. If you are not sure where your section fits, as always, feel free to give me a call. I look forward to catching up with as many members as I can as the regions have meetings over the next few months.