Working together to protect our future

Writing this article, 2020 was the year that we will never forget as it has changed the way we as people will interact with the world for the foreseeable future.

That COVID as the pandemic become known to many of our clients, placed enormous pressure on our membership like nothing before it. Although there were little issues here and there, our membership reacted to the ever-changing Policing environment as quickly as possible providing protection to the people of the NT. As a member of the NT community I thank all our members for the effort during these extraordinary times. As I write this article the vaccine is closer to deployment, however I believe that the pressure on our members will last through 2021.

Over the last half of 2020 I worked closely with the People and Cultural Reform Command as the groundwork for the resource allocation model (RAM) begun. The RAM is fully endorsed by the Commissioner and the first part for my role was to get to the two member stations along with a Police Housing representative, so we could take stock of what already existed, as well as look for additional housing stock to assist in achieving the extra members.

Although we still have work to do in this space it was fantastic to see the response from the community, with the West Arnhem Shire Council reaching out to the NTPA to have a meeting themselves. Although some areas are still a work in progress, others are moving forward and will see Police housed in approved dwellings as they are completed. As mentioned, some are still under progress, but others are well underway with the third, or additional member already advertised at several stations: Lajamanu, Adelaide River, Mataranka, Pine Creek, Borroloola and Yuendumu. This work will continue, and I am sure members will be watching the gazette as several coastal locations come up.

Even with COVID upon us several delegate positions were filled toward the end of 2020. That said no sooner did we have new members then we lost some to transfers, promotions or resignations.

During the first quarter of the year I will work with the remaining delegates to hold a regional meeting whereby all members can attend and discuss issues that they would like information on. In doing so those regions that are now down on delegate numbers can have members with an interest, volunteer to take a position.

Many members have expressed interest to me about becoming a delegate and have questioned what they would need to know. Simple answer is the desire to look out for your mates and have an interest and passion for the industrial instrument which guides our workplace.

If COVID hadnt changed the face of the general work routine a new delegate training package would have been ready to roll out. That didnt happen in 2020 and I am hoping that 2021 we can roll this out to those volunteers that have stuck their hand up to help out their fellow colleagues.

Like always, if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call to discuss. Remember approximately 98.5% of the NT Police Force are members and you are most likely not alone with your question.

February 2021 also marks 2 years for me as the Northern Field Officer of the NTPA. I have managed to visit many remote stations during this time and have visited members and taken a few photos for the magazine as I have gone along. I have managed to get to nearly every station in the Territory (except a few desert ones, thanks Pete for taking holidays) and look forward to getting out and catching up with members again during 2021.

I wrote this in my first article for the NTPA and believe that after the year 2020 that was, and we are not clear of the current pressure placed upon us Please remember, we have all chosen a career that takes us to many highs and many lows as we progress through the years. Pay attention to what others are going through and dont be afraid to step up and ACT, it takes a brave person to act on the behalf of another it could save a life. PTSD has finally been recognised as a work-related issue, many have suffered in silence, please dont let it be you or your mate in blue beside you.

Feel free to contact me at the office, by email or by phone at any time if you have any questions or queries that you think I can help with.

email me on or phone 0428 881 652.