Working together to protect our future

Another year is coming to an end, and the Christmas season is almost upon us. Looking back over my first year as Southern Field Officer I reflect upon the good things we have, like our partnership with you, the members.

Change and things remaining the same: two things that employees and in particular Police Officers dont like. Change is upon us and the responsibility to ensure that any transition is negotiated in accordance with our industrial agreement lays with the department. Some changes have been attempted without the agreed consultation and are now before the Police Arbitral Tribunal.

I have responded to many of our members enquires and concerns regarding change, eg; s14B remote transfers and exemption criteria, cancelation of RKE, the Modularized Promotion Pathway and the Leadership Management Pathway, Voluntary Redundancy, Priority Vacancy Consideration for Prior Remote Service, 12% General Police Allowance Remote Incentive and Taskforce Populi Restructuring/Reshaping the NT Police Force.

As with a lot of our members, even after attending various information sessions, the goals and the ramifications of changes to the promotional pathway and the restructuring/reshaping the NT Police Force are unclear. By all accounts it is still a work in progress and nothing yet is carved in stone. Some members have voiced a number of concerns, one in particular that stands out is, the experienced gained of a 10, 15, 20, 25, 30&year constable is not being considered or holds any value when it comes to promotion. Our NTPA staff, executives and delegates are also included in the working groups responsible for some of these significant changes.


We have done so much with so little for so long, that now we can do anything with nothing.

A moot statement maybe, but like many others, during my police career, I have been caught out working one up when the proverbial has hit the fan. Does the means justify the end? To provide service delivery there appears to be a willingness to take the risk and have our members work one up or having inexperienced and unqualified members working out of scope. Disregard all the smoke and mirror talk, there is a disconnect, our numbers are right, we are keeping our promise, we are on target, on the other hand our skinny rosters are saying no our numbers are wrong, we are struggling, and it is causing major stress within our membership.

The majority of issues ie; rostering, welfare, leave, forced transfers, training, promotion&etc that are bought to the attention of the NTPA can usually be directly linked to a common contributing factor - current staffing levels.