Working together to protect our future

Today, providing our members Industrial Relations and welfare services continues to be a priority, however, development of the Policing profession, is also an important aspect of our business.

Our Association is part of the Police Federation of Australia, the representative industrial voice for the almost 60,000 Police officers nationally. A brief history of the Poilce Federation of Austraila can be accessed here.

We are proud of our members and our history - the NTPA recognises its Life Members who have served the Association:

  • Alexander Carolan (awarded 1985)
  • Gowan R Carter (1991)
  • Stephen J Wallace (1992)
  • Anne-Marie Murphy (1994)
  • Bruce Sandry (1996)
  • Maxwell J Hill (1999)
  • William E Josephs (2000)
  • Laurence R Clifford (awarded posthumously 2004)
  • Shaun K O'Sullivan (2004)
  • Andrew Smith (2007)
  • David Chalker (2012)
  • Tim Lloyd (2012)
  • Sean Parnell (2012)
  • Vince Kelly (2014)
  • Col Goodsell (2016)
  • Owen Blackwell (2017)
  • Kylie Anderson (2018)

The contributions and sacrifices made by members past and present have driven the NTPA to be the united organisation that it is today. We continue to proudly serve our members and work together to protect our future.

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