Working together to protect our future

In 1948, the Executive of the Association started to lobby for the formation of a Police Arbitral Tribunal. The Minister approved the application and Judge Wells of the Northern Territory Supreme Court was appointed the first chairman in 1949. The Police Appeal Board came into existence at the same time.

The first Determination was signed in 1949 and a log of claims submitted in April 1960 resulted in significant increases in Police salaries. The Prison Officers' Association proposed a merger with the Police Association in the same year, a move that was rejected by the Executive of the Police Association.

Unfortunately, the devastation of Cyclone Tracy (1974) resulted in the loss of a number of records, particularly those from the 1960 and 1974 period which hampers our recollection of this time.

In 1979 the Association was incorporated and appointed its first full-time employee in the same year.

The NTPA purchased its own premises in Lindsay Street (Darwin) in 1986 which was the Association's home until its move to 5 Foelsche Street in Darwin's CBD.

In 1996 the NTPA Constitution was changed to permit Commissioned Officers to join our Association. The Constitution was further amended in 2004 making the elected President a full time employee of our Association, bringing our Association in line with other Police Association and Unions across Australia.

The Association's August 2014 move to a new commercial office building in Parap paves the way for the development of the Foelsche Street site and a strategic investment to further strengthen the NTPAs future.

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