Working together to protect our future

Understanding your needs

The Northern Territory Police Association is committed to obtaining the best possible understanding of matters which affect our members the most.

The objects and purposes of the Association are to perform all and any acts, and to do all and any things, as may be necessary for the welfare of, or benefit to, the Association, its members and their dependants.

Earlier this year, the NTPA Executive undertook a strategic planning day, to assist in the strategic direction of your Association over the coming 3 years. Five key strategic goals were identified during this session:

1. Support and engage our members by providing relevant, quality services.
2. Effective engagement through targeted communication
3. Maintain financial stability
4. Continuously improve our governance practices
5. Enhance the effectiveness of our Association

I was particularly interested in understanding the reach required to engage and communicate effectively with our next generation and this formed the basis of much discussion. So, who are they? Who are the Millennials?

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, it is likely you have grown up knowing nothing but the convenience of electronic devices. Particularly since the turn of the century, our lives are more and more dependent on the access to, and willingness to not go without those devices.

This comes with instant contact and communication, and with it, an increased expectation of how services need to be delivered. With an everincreasing workload demand, it is clear our millennials need answers quicker than ever, and in a more appropriate and convenient way than ever before.

With mobile phones now sitting on the wrists of people as pseudo watches, reality is here, and it must be embraced. Your Association is no different, and we have recognised that. The strategic planning session discussed the past, present and future of communication. Just a few years ago, we relied on just our quarterly magazine, website and emails to communicate. Since then, we have implemented the weekly eNews and appointed a dedicated Communications Officer, but even more must be done. Mobile devices are developing rapidly and to achieve our strategic goals 1 and 2, we will need your help.

We will shortly be undertaking our member survey, undertaken every three years, to determine trends, issues, and anything which is relevant to how we, as your Association, can help understand your needs more. While we have taken positive steps in our communication platforms over recent years, including some improvements to our database, improvement should never stagnate, and must be an ongoing commitment.

I urge you all to assist us by completing the NTPA member survey which will be available soon.

BUDGET 2018 - 2019
At the time of writing, NT Labor had just handed down its second budget. There is no denying the economic outlook for the NT is bleak, with net debt expected to blow out in the coming forecast years. Your Association is conscious of the flow-on effects a tight fiscal environment creates, and how this can impact on decision making within your work environment. Economic relief is not just around the corner, so you will continue to see this impacting decision making.

I remind all members, if you are being asked to undertake extra work in your own time, or are not getting operational overtime approved to complete mandatory shift requirements, then we need to know. The Commissioner (and by virtue the Government) cannot allow pressure on their budget to come before the basic operational and safety requirements of your role.

Please email if you have any concerns about this issue.

Finally, with the current round of Executive elections now complete, I wish to congratulate all those who have been elected or re-elected, and for those who missed out this time around, your interest in becoming an Executive member is welcomed.

Without knowing the outcome of the elections at the time of writing, there are two members I wish to personally acknowledge.

Our Senior Vice President, Col Goodsell, steps down from the role as he moves into retirement. Col was awarded Life membership of the NTPA in 2016 while serving as Senior Vice President, just the 15th person at the time to achieve this accolade in 78 years. Cols unwavering support of better outcomes for police in the Northern Territory is a testament to him personally. He always identified the bigger picture, and recognised the importance of a strong and unified Association working toward better outcomes.

In addition, Executive member Kylie Anderson stands down from the Executive after 12 years as an elected representative, previously serving as a delegate for five years. Kylie has contributed a significant amount of time and energy into improving conditions for police across the Territory and has played a significant role improving working conditions for women in policing through her work on the Womens Advisory Council (WAC), made up of representatives from across the country.

On behalf of the members and Executive of the NTPA, I thank you both for your dedicated service as elected members of the Association.