Working together to protect our future

On 12 February 2019 an internal broadcast was put out by the Commander, Professional Standards Command advising officers of the requirement to wear and use body worn video prior to and during any encounter where a police power is being utilised unless its impracticable to do so.

Recent events within the Northern Territory have highlighted very publicly the need for members to ensure that they are protecting themselves from any criminal or internal investigations by ensuring they follow the direction that has been given.

Evidence from the United States collated over two decades suggest that there has been a 95% reduction in substantiated complaints against police, increased prosecution success rates for assault police and better offender behaviour during police interactions.

The Northern Territory Police Association supports the use of body worn video and wants to remind members to ensure they follow the direction that has been given to reduce the risk of being called in to question over a police interaction.


The Legal Assistance Scheme was last amended at the 2018 Annual Conference and has been established by the Association to offer members funding when faced with certain legal proceedings or to assist with specific disciplinary matters.

1. Circumstances for granting legal assistance
Legal assistance granted under this scheme shall be for the purpose set out under Clause 15 or to provide legal representation in the following proceedings:
(a) in a criminal matter;
(b) in seeking legal advice concerning the merits of any proposed or potential legal or administrative proceedings;
(c) at the discretion of the Legal Assistance Committee or President, as the case may be, in circumstances involving:
(i) a matter arising under Part IV or V of the Police Administration Act (Disciplinary or Inability action) or an appeal against a decision on such a matter under Part VI of that Act;
(ii) in an inquest; or
(iii) in advice for a matter involving conflict between two or more members, such as (but not limited to) complaints arising out of the Respect Equity and Diversity framework, but not relating to an appeal or grievance against promotion/transfer. Advice sought in accordance with subsection (2)(c)(iii) shall be initial advice only, and provided by an external legal provider, and be available to both parties subject to the conflict. Further applications will be subject to consideration by the Legal Assistance Committee and a decision by the President, delegate to the President, or the Legal Assistance Committee shall not be bound by precedent.

Members may be eligible for legal assistance, provide that: The matter arose out of any act of omission lawfully and/or in good faith done or made by the applicant in the course of or in the discharge of his or her duties. A member may also eligible for an interest free loan up to $10,000 if facing a criminal charge or is the respondent in legal proceedings that have arisen either wholly or in part because of their employment as a Northern Territory Police Officer.

The President may also grant Legal Assistance for initial advice in a matter that relates to discipline or preliminary advice relating to a criminal matter without having to seek approval from the Legal Assistance Committee.

Ina addition to this notwithstanding the guidelines set out in the Legal Assistance Scheme, the Executive may provide legal funding for any matter it considers to be in accordance with the aims of the NTPA as stated in its Constitution or policy made from time to time.

Further information on the Legal Assistance Scheme can be found on the NTPA website or by contacting NTPA office.