Working together to protect our future

It is with pleasure that I introduce and welcome Mr Peter (Pete) Stowers, who has taken up the newly created position of NTPA Southern Field Officer. This is the first time the NTPA has had a second Field Officer (or any staff) based outside of Darwin and will provide us the opportunity to have locally based assistance for our members in the Alice, Southern Desert and Barkly Divisions.

For those who dont know Pete, he spent 23 years with the NT Police before retiring in 2015, at the rank of Detective A/ Sergeant. Pete had a wide and varied career with the Police over this time which included remote station service at Tennant Creek, Ntaria, Papunya and Kintore - just to name a few. He has worked in Alice Springs, Katherine and Darwin and spent many years in Crime areas such as Serious Crime, Drug and Organised Crime, Domestic Violence and Youth/Property Crime.

For the past two years he has been working for the MacDonnell Regional Council as a Night Patrol Zone Coordinator. Petes knowledge of the job and his relaxed and calm manner will no doubt hold him in good stead out there in the field and bush station members and their families who, Im sure, will get to enjoy his talents on the guitar when he visits (not sure if his BBQ skill are quite up with mine, but he sure trumps me on the musical talent).

Pete is passionate about member welfare and ensuring a fair and equitable workplace and is looking forward to the challenges the Southern Field Officer role brings. He will be based in Alice Springs and cover all areas from Elliott south. I will continue to support our members at all locations north.

To facilitate this new Field Officer position, our long-term partner Police Credit Union have allowed us to use their small office space located on the first floor at the Alice Plaza (next to the Centre Management Office). When not out in the Field, Pete will be based at this office which also has a small meeting room available, for meeting with members. We thank Police Credit Union for their continued support of the NTPA and our members, and their generosity and making this office space available for us to utilise.

I look forward to working with Pete and I am sure he will provide an excellent service to our members based in the Alice Springs, Barkly and Southern Divisions.

Pete can be contacted at or on mobile at 0488 992 886.


As usual the Field Officer Department has been busy assisting members with a range of industrial, housing, welfare and disciplinary matters and there has been no shortage of them thats for sure.

I know our Industrial Officer, Andrea, has been flat chat as well assisting members.

In the past few months I have done several trips to Alice Springs to meet with our newest Police Auxiliary Members employed as Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspectors (PALIs). The introduction of the PALIs has certainly been an interesting change in the role of Police Auxiliaries and whilst everything that can be done to train and prepare them for the challenges of doing Point of Sale Intervention has been done, there are still great concerns about how it will work and more importantly the safety of these members working one up #NeverWorkAlone. I know the staff that supervise the PALIs have put in place everything they can to make sure our PALI members are well supported. Let hope it doesnt take something serious for our concerns to be realised. Welcome to all our new PALIs members and good luck out there.

There has been some confusion of late around the application of the new clause in the 2017 Consent Agreement regarding Rostering for Court Attendance and the way it is applied. The clause was developed for the benefit of members in the interest of Fatigue Management.

Clause 25(j)(i) is intended to operate to give members the choice of overtime or shift change when they have court attendance and they are rostered on a shift, other than a day shift, provided the request for the shift change is made at least 72hrs prior to the court attendance date, subject to operational requirements.

In circumstances where a shift change cannot be facilitated, because of operational requirements, members can be stood down for at least 10hrs from the court attendance, as per Clause 25(j)(ii), but for this to happen, the request for the shift changes must have been requested and refused as per Clause 25(j)(i).

Whilst it was intended to apply to nightshifts before or after Court, it is not strictly limited to that. The intent of the court attendance clause in the 2017 CA was simply to provide an option for members to elect to have their roster changed as an alternative to working overtime and potentially excess hours. The intent was not to remove the option for the member to work the overtime should they choose to.

Please note a that a members roster can be amended in accordance with clause 25(g)(ii) within 72 hours and a 20% shift penalty will applied to the changed shift.

If members or OICs have queries they should contact HRM or NTPA HQ for advice.


Whilst the NTPA office will be officially closed for most of the Christmas/New Year holiday period, both the Southern Field Officer Pete Stowers and I will be working and available, via email or mobile phone, for members needing NTPA assistance or advice during this period.

I wish all members and their families a very safe Christmas and prosperous 2019. To all the members working hard over this festive season, thank you for your part in serving and protecting, please all stay safe, look after each other, and I look forward to continuing to assist you in the coming year.