Working together to protect our future

As 2017 is drawing to a close, to say its been a big year would be selling it a little short. As the NTPA Field Officer, I am proud to have provided advice and assistance to over 600 members this year, in every area from internal disciplinary matters, housing issues, pay/HR related enquires and disputes, roster issues, and most importantly, member welfare assistance. We have had a few good industrial fights along the way, some we have won, some we havent, and have several matters still on the go. I will continue, as best I can, to fight the good fight for all members.

Obviously, the biggest thing this year has been the Consent Agreement negotiations, which are still ongoing, after the historic 84% rejection vote of the Governments pay offer. This was my first involvement in the CA process and it has certainly been an interesting (and hair greying) journey so far. Thanks to all the members who have actively participated in the CA 2017 discussions, from emailing in ideas and thoughts, to attending the various meetings and information sessions we held around the Territory. The feedback and information you provided has been essential in us being able to strongly represent you all at the negotiating table. We have attempted to keep you as up to date and involved in the whole process as best we can and will continue to do so.


The recent publishing of the PFES Annual Report 2016-17 revealed no surprises theres less Police on the ground now than there has been in previous reporting periods, particularly at ranks up to Senior Sergeant.

The numbers bottom line was not news to us at the Association, as we receive constant feedback from members at all ranks reporting of requirements to do more with less with no end in sight. Resourcing (or lack of) also continues to be the cause of many issues our members face.

This is not something that has recently started occurring, but it is getting progressively worse.

Remote stations continue to be closed for extended periods, and from some individuals, there is an expectation for members to be working one up. This is not acceptable.


A recent meeting in Alice Springs that filled the room with members keen to talk about the next steps in relation to POSIs/TBLs indicates the way bottle shop duties continued to be viewed by the majority of our membership, particularly those who get rostered on them day after day.

Members can be rest assured that our Association will continue to advocate for the change to our highly trained, professional members acting as security guards. We are well aware of the flow on (pardon the pun) effects POSIs are having, including with roster pressures and resourcing being felt across the Territory (not just in the locations were POSIs are conducted), the limitation on leave access, training opportunities and professional development.

And dont get me started on the effects to our members welfare, health and safety, including assaults and working one-up. POSIs, TBL or whatever we are calling this this week are simply not a job Police should be doing.


As we go to print for this edition, we are finalising the nominations and subsequent elections of the Regional Delegates. I encourage our members of all ranks to familiarise themselves with their local delegates, who can assist you in the workplace with any queries or concerns you have, and also be an important feeder of information from our Association out to your local station or work section.

For our new Regional Delegates, we will be hosting training in 2018, to assist you in your new roles, and also, for you to provide feedback to us at the NTPA Office about ways we can help you too.

Thank you to our delegates (past, present and emerging) for the assistance you have provided throughout this year. The strength of the Association relies on the commitment and hard work of our Regional Delegates.


Some time ago, the Police Association of Victoria worked alongside the University of Melbourne and the Victoria Police to develop a mobile app, known as Equipt. Our Victorian counterparts have generously availed the app for other jurisdictions, and were in the process of finalising the app with Northern Territory content.

While Equipt was introduced to us from a fellow Association, the Commissioner of Police has generously agreed to co-fund its introduction to the Territory and I encourage everyone to download the NT version of the Equipt app when it rolls out shortly.


The silly season is upon us and as is typically the case, itll be our members working while the majority of the wider community is playing. The Christmas holiday period is typically a busy one and this year will be no exception. So be careful, stay safe, and enjoy your time with family and friends. Merry Christmas.