Working together to protect our future

President's Message

Understanding your needs

The Northern Territory Police Association is committed to obtaining the best possible understanding of matters which affect our members the most.

The objects and purposes of the Association are to perform all and any acts, and to do a ..... more

Impressions of a Temporary Field Officer

The Association I think that term conjures up a different image for each of us in the NTPA. For me, it has always meant just that NT Police Officers who give our blood, sweat and tears, working together to ensure our welfare and conditions reflect this, and that none of us slip through the cracks each of us paying i ..... more

From the Industrial Officer

What you need to know about Hours of Duty and Rostering

One of the many successfully negotiated outcomes of the Consent Agreement 2017 (CA 2017) saw several changes being introduced to Clause 25 Hours of Duty and Rostering, which affords members new protections and benefits not present in prev ..... more

From the Communications Officer

Member engagement is non-negotiable

I hope youll forgive me if this sounds too much like an excerpt from Monty Pythons Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious but our members are what make our Association. You all work bloody hard, and you deserve an Association that continues to work bloody hard ..... more